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  • Hookah Dive Systems

    Hookah Dive Systems

    with Dive And Dive
  • Inflatable Pfd Service

    Inflatable Pfd Service

    At Dive and Dive we have been servicing Inflatable PFD for over 20 Years, Please Call Peter with your enquiry […]
  • Divers Alert Network (dan)

    Divers Alert Network…

    The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is the diving industry's largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. […]
  • The Padi Genuine Diver Courses

    The Padi Genuine Diver…

    At Dive and Dive we only train genuine PADI Courses.
  • 8 Facts About The Pom-pom Crab8 Facts About The Pom-pom Crab

    8 Facts About The Pom-pom…

    The Lybia crab is a species of small crab in the family Xanthidae. It is also referred to as Hawaiian boxer […]
  • Explore The Cayman IslandsExplore The Cayman Islands

    Explore The Cayman…

    Cayman Islands The Cayman Islands' three world-class dive destinations have attracted scuba divers since […]
  • Amazing Thailand 2016Amazing Thailand 2016

    Amazing Thailand 2016

    Amazing Thailand, amazing trip, amazing dives and amazing people! Our annual trip to Phuket was as usual […]
  • Change Your Life! Go Pro Today!Change Your Life! Go Pro Today!

    Change Your Life! Go…

    Who should take this course? Love scuba diving? Want to share it with others on a whole new level? Take the […]
  • Diving In South Australia - Leafy Sea…Diving in South Australia - Leafy Sea Dragon, Sea Lions & More!

    Diving In South Australia…

    The beautiful state of South Australia has a rich heritage that is equally matched by its natural beauty […] 
  • Diving Silfra In Iceland With The Blonde…Diving Silfra in Iceland with The Blonde Abroad

    Diving Silfra In Iceland…

    Join The Blonde Abroad (Kiersten Rich) as she travels to Iceland to experience one of the most unique dive […] 
  • Diving Tropical Thailand 🌴Diving Tropical Thailand 🌴

    Diving Tropical Thailand…

    Thailand is a tropical paradise and an amazing dive destination with lots to see underwater. With the Gulf […] 
  • Diving Magnificent Malaysia 🐟Diving Magnificent Malaysia 🐟

    Diving Magnificent…

    Ahhhh Malaysia. With hundreds of tropical islands and more than 3000 species of marine creatures, diving […] 


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We are a proud PADI 5* Dive centre, which means we thrive on quality service, safety and of course a lot of fun!

With exclusive deals in the Maldives, Philipines, Red Sea and Thailand, we guarantee you the best diving all around the world. With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee the highest standards of quality in terms of teaching, safety and services.

All our equipment is the latest, to guarantee you comfort and safety. So start your PADI Adventure with us today, get diving and change your life. Our team is here to assist you step by step...

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